Our Founder

Beatriz Craney was born in Mexico City and became an American citizen in 1993. She founded Craney Interpreting Services (CIS) in 2012, an interpreting agency that provides high-quality linguistic services to the legal, business, and medical industries. 

Beatriz worked as an independent interpreter in the Tri-state area for over a decade. Her experience in the field includes court interpreting at the federal, superior, and municipal levels, conference interpreting, interpreting at The United Nations, and interpreting for high profile cases. She is a member of NAJIT, ATA, NETA, IMIA, MATI, and DVTA.

Beatriz teaches several interpreting courses at Brookdale Community College and online training courses for De La Mora Interpreter Training. Her courses include Judicial Interpreting, level I and level II. 

Passionate about apprenticing other interpreters, Beatriz organizes professional development seminars, boot camps, and skill building events for interpreters to expand, improve, and refine their professional skills.

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